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Social Trading Community – An Innovation For Traders

The social trading community is the best place to learn about trading by interacting with different traders.

You can consider it as a storehouse of the latest trading news and views. When all the features of it are for free, what else would a newbie or intermediate want?

On the other hand, finding a community is not that hard nowadays. But, which one will you choose?

You can trade without taking any help of other traders. The sorrow part is that you will get trapped in the dead end.

At the same time,  you can trade with the help of others and become successful. One wrong choice can make you suffer in the long run.

Paul Ryan said, Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.

For that reason, we are here to guide you on how communities can help you in different verse of trading and what it will offer you.

You can even know the in and out of it. So, let’s start.

What Is Social Trading Community?

What Is Social Trading-Option Invest

The social trading community is a group of people where they watch, learn, grow, and interact with each other with common interests. 

It is focused on connecting the traders with more advanced knowledge. You can share signals, investments, and strategies that are relevant to social trading.

Such a place where beginners can learn and copy from certain experienced investors or traders. Basically, it is a platform where people seek information to perform social trading. 

According to the comprehensive analysis, the platform is not only allowed to trade but also, benefits the traders for learning and sharing knowledge.

It helps to generate all the desired feedback that is necessary for every investment without any kind of restrictions.

Traders can share their opinion in both private and open chat sessions. This kind of community is always connected with the people around the world in real-time.

People can follow the activity of an expert trader and copy their operations. It is the benefit of being a part of the social trading platform.

In general, people can get signals, webinar, real-time classes, everyday discussions, and much more information in one place.

History Of Social Trading

Birth Of Social Trading-Option Invest

By being in specific places, people used to share information. In the old days, people shared information through email communication.

To open a trading position, one trader used to send email to another trader. The email communication system was as same as a newsletter.

They applied the same method to close a particular position in trades. This lengthy system craved for a better process.  

The basic idea was to benefit the traders who were far from specific places.

At the same time, they could not reach in time for opening the trade, and could not communicate with other expert traders for information and opinions on the trades.

Social networking has brought investors and traders close to each other. So, they can interact with each other in one interface.  

Again, this kind of community is focused on the online information and ideas shared between traders in the platform or network.

Traders could create a profile based on trading strategies and markets they are used to trade in.

Then people all around the world can see that profile along with the trading strategies. Finally, people copy from there.

You will get updated about different trading strategies after following traders. All the discussions according to these strategies and market analysis are held in the network communities.  

In fact, this kind of group is the most resourceful place for investors and traders. 

Traders and investors from all around the world can get information related to trading from the social trading community

The Use Of Social Trading Community

The social trading community most likely works as a social network.

The social trading community will give you an opportunity to ask and share your trading related knowledge. For traders and investors, this is one of the major use of the social trading community.

You can learn about the financial market from expert traders and earn money by copying them.

Social trading platform mostly offers trading via online. So, traders can enter the community from anywhere and anytime. 

Via social trading community, you can get online training on trading. 

In these communities, you can navigate the financial markets with in-depth analysis from expert analysts.

Compare to the traditional trading platform, the community holds different kinds of live trading and live communications.

Advantages Of Social Trading Community

Advantages Of Social Trading Community-Option Invest

The social trading community is famous for its unique trading characteristics. The one advantage is to share ideas in one platform.

Apart from this advantage, there are so many advantages which we mentioned below: 

To Gather Knowledge

For new traders, it is a good place to learn from a group of investors and traders.

On the other hand, expert traders can share their ideas with new traders. It will also help you to improve your trading knowledge.

They are able to learn about the charts, markets, techniques, strategies, methods, etc.

Apply Knowledge

New traders can interact with expert traders.

You can copy and follow an expert trader’s strategies, opinions, and techniques.

Also, alternative opinions can help you to prevent losses.

To be Supportive

The people in the social trading community are supportive. The expert traders are also supportive of the novice trader.

They help them to understand the trading ways, markets, strategies, etc.

Practice Trading

The most beneficial part of social trading is you can practice trading through the platform.  A demo account will help you to build up your trading skills.

Free-flow of information

You will get all trading related information without any cost.

They are able to get all the knowledge from the social trading community by interacting with each other.

Demo Account

The social trading platform offers demo accounts for the new and intermediate traders. So that they can keep practice trade.

Note: Expert traders also can use a demo account for practicing and experimenting with their strategies.

Drawbacks – Social Trading Community

It is necessary to know who is the professional trader before following any traders. However, it is not possible in the social trading community.

You won’t even know the person on the other side. The person might be an imposter or a scammer who wants you to buy overpriced stocks, commodities, etc.

Moreover, if you are following or copying a successful trader, their decisions are not always right.

You might be following a successful trader with a period of repeated successes. In reality his/her time of success ended and that trader is just gambling around with a series of undesired outcomes, which will put you through a lot of sufferings later.

In other term, if the trader is using professional money manager then you might fall apart. The reason is that you do not know how he/she is managing the risk of money.

It is a drawback which most of the investors and traders face in the communities. 

So, think twice before copying

Features Of Social Trading Community

Features Of Social Trading Community-Option Invest

The social trading platforms have their own communities or groups for traders.

These allow the users to trade as best as it benefits them.

Traders can invest or trade the financial market place in a detailed way. It holds some features which are user-friendly.

These are:

Free To Use

Traders can enjoy the trading environment in the social trading community without any charge or fee. 

Moreover, you don’t need to pay any additional charges except for the broker’s cost. So basically, it is a free community for life.


Traders will get real-time trading signals and information. It is easy to get the latest updates about financial markets and trading strategies from the community.

Absence Of Formulas And Algorithms

To trade or copy other traders, you don’t need to analyze the trading charts. However, a little trading knowledge will add an extra benefit. It’s a communication platform, where traders can cooperate with each other. 

Access From Anywhere

Communities under the platforms and networks can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. There is no boundary for traders. They are free to use it as they please.

Why Social Trading Community?

Social communities are a group of professional and new traders from where you will get signals, strategies, methods, opinions of traders, etc.

In a social trading community, experienced traders share their trading methods and strategies for other new traders.

You can start social trading within no time and without any knowledge by connecting with people. At the same time, traders can easily enter the platforms or networks and seek for help. For the unique characteristics of the social trading community, people love to use it. 

Moreover, it is possible to cooperate with other group members and consult on whatever problems you have faced.

A community gathers all the people from every corner of the world and shows the way of easy trading. 

Traders Guideline - Do's and Don’ts

In a social community, people join from different age groups, cultures, lifestyles. 

So, it is better to be polite and be respectful of others ideas, comments or trading activity.

You can share your thoughts and feedbacks. It totally depends on another person either he is agreeing with it or not.

Always try to keep the discussions on track. Make sure of that whatever information you are providing, is in the right place. Ask anything related to the trading field, if it is new for you.

Try to control your trading emotions. Remember, trading emotion is bad for traders. Avoid torment to any person inside the community. 

Most of the social communities do not allow posting links, sharing images or encouraging others to visit or use another platform. Your account will be restricted if you do such a thing. We all have our personal and virtual life. Try to keep your private details to yourself.

Don’t share information like payment methods, passport copies, and email address on the feeds. People might misuse your information. Be aware of using offensive or rude languages.

Avoid posting any false information in your trading profile. Depending on the information, people will follow or copy you. So, think before you post anything and have concern for others too.

Additionally, try not to make fake promises to gather copier. After joining any social network community, please go through the guidelines. 

It might help you to learn what you are allowed to do and what you are not.

Trading Diversity

In the financial market, social trading brought a new era. People from around the world are winding up in it for their own easy earning.

But it has brought up the groups for its users to make trading more easily.


Social trading has become the most reliable platform, especially for the new and intermediate traders.

They can trust this platform for any kind of trading information


The social trading community is safe and secure for all the traders either they are new or experts. 

After analyzing the market, all information is provided by expert traders. 

Skills Development

The social trading community is the place where you can develop your trading skills with the help of a group of people. You can learn about trading techniques from other traders. 

After that, it will be easy for you to open a trading position. 


Traders and investors do not have to put enough effort into the trading field.

The community will help them to know about technical analysis and fundamental analysis of a trading market. 


Trading via the social platform is transparent. Only social trading has provided the opportunity for traders to copy from other expert traders through open trade.

How To Make Profits Through Social Network Communities

How To Make Profits Through Social Trading Communities-Option Invest

A community for trading assembles all the new, intermediate and expert traders in one place. Those traders who do not have much knowledge of trading can also open an account to the social trading platform.

Expert traders are the ones who are more experienced in different trading classes. They have become experts in trading by analyzing the data, markets, strategies, methods, and ideas. 

All the trades that are held by the expert traders are recorded in their profile. Their trading records are updated whenever they perform trades.

These expert traders share their experience and strategies in the groups or networks. The new traders are able to see their strategies and opinions through the community. 

In the trading communities, the expert traders also provide signals to the new and intermediate traders. Traders can copy the trading signals to perform profitable trading.

In a short time, novice traders can educate themselves on the trading field. 

When these new and intermediate traders become a successful trader, are able to understand the markets. After that, they turn into expert traders and provide signals in the platforms. They also get profit after being copied by other traders. It can be their passive or second income.

So, we have seen that a trading group helps the traders to earn a second income.

What Is Day Trading

Day trading is a common phrase for any types of trading classes. Day trading means traders can buy and sell a financial instrument on the same day. 

One can trade multiple times in one day. They get profit from a small price movement. 

Day traders need to keep up to date on the financial marketplace. Remember, day trading requires time. So as a trader, you need to give enough time to analyze the market. 

It takes patience and prudent mind conducting day trading.


Social trading community plays an important role in the trading market. It helps traders to earn profit with less effort. 

The new and intermediate traders are inspired for learning from the social communities and make their income through social trade.

We will keep updating our article after gathering more knowledge on it and try to make it helpful for beginners to learn on trading.

If you are new to this then be our guest to learn from the article on “what is social trading?”