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How To Make Money With Bitcoin - 8 Actionable Ways Of Earning For Beginners

Make money with Bitcoin is a major concern for both traders and investors. Among all cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is the world’s first and largest digital coin that causing waves and turning heads in the financial industry.

The hype with bitcoin has been the highest since its inception.

Moreover, it is associated with luxury and richness. “When Lambo?” has become the mantra for crypto success. This phenomenon blew up when millionaires publicly bought Lamborghinis with their bitcoin.

However, bitcoin is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Holding on to bitcoin for long term gains can be one of the best decisions you can make investment-wise.

Besides, Bitcoin is a versatile asset and has many use-cases. Making money with bitcoin is not just limited to investing and trading bitcoins. There is a myriad of ways through which you can profit from bitcoin.

Our primary focus will be on trading and investing bitcoin. But we will also take a look at the alternative ways to earn money through bitcoin.

We will start with the most straightforward way of earning money through bitcoin: investing. You can check our article on how bitcoin works if you want to learn more about the working process this digital coin. 

Method #1: Investing In bitcoin

Bitcoin is a private, secure, decentralized, and valuable digital coin. Investing in bitcoin is the easiest and effortless way of making money.

All you need to do is buy bitcoin at a relatively low price and hold them. Sell when the price is right. Compared to any asset, the bitcoin return percentage is the highest.

If you had invested only $10 into Bitcoin in early 2011, your investment would be worth $280,000 today. That a return of 2.8 million%. However, that was back when bitcoin was an unknown commodity to most. Since then, bitcoin has leapt in value from $0.0025.

The volatility of Bitcoin is unforeseen and unheard before bitcoin came into the market. However, bitcoin is news sensitive, whether it is positive or negative. For example, in 2017, the news of the ban on crypto exchanges, and ICOs spread like wildfire that caused an instant 6% drop in bitcoin price.

During the same year, bitcoin went from $974 to $19655, a 9150% increase in a single year. One might think such volatility makes bitcoin a very risky asset to invest. On the surface, they are correct to assume that.

But when you take a deeper look at bitcoin and blockchain, the underlying technology that it functions on, you’ll realize these ups and downs are part of bitcoin’s price movement.

Its value will continue to grow, as bigger financial institutions start investing money into bitcoin. It would also cause an increase in adoption.

The supply will keep getting scarce and demand will keep increasing day by day. If you think it’s too late to invest in bitcoin, or you should have bought when the prices were lower, reconsider your decision.

Buying bitcoin is an easy process and it takes a few minutes. Just get a hardware wallet and register in a crypto exchange. Buy your desired bitcoin by entering your wallet address, and payment information to complete the process.

The hard part is guessing the right buying price and how long to hold it. No one can guess when the next bull run will be, or there will be a reversal because of the tricky investment.

Educate yourself on bitcoin fundamentals. It is recommended learning technical analysis, chart analysis, and price prediction. We will now talk about earning money by trading bitcoin.

Method #2: Trading Bitcoin

Trading Bitcoin-Option Invest

In Bitcoin investment, you have to hold your position for a long time. As, it is a long-term process, but if you don’t have the patience to do so or don’t want to miss attractive market opportunities, you can try trading instead.

Investing requires more effort, attention, time, and market insight compared to trading bitcoin. Your both dedication level and effort will make you an expert trader. Trading Bitcoin is challenging because of its unpredictability.

Both day traders and scalpers generally, perform trades within the same day. They aim for small consistent profits. But, one bad trade can counter out all the profits that they have made.

Moreover, you will need an array of items in your trading arsenal, such as fundamental analysis, technical analysis, trading tools, automated trading software, etc. to form a profitable trading strategy.

A trader can earn a decent profit from a steep price change. Further, your profit will multiply if you do leverage trading. Leverage or margin trading is a trading form, where you can open trade positions by depositing a fraction amount.

For example, if you go long on BTC by trading 1 BTC with 10x leverage, you will only need to deposit 0.1 BTC. The trading platform will cover the rest amount as a loan. In this way, you can multiply your profits by 10 times.

You need to careful when playing around with leverage because your losses will magnify too. For beginner traders, we don’t recommend it at all.

With bitcoin, you have the flexibility of going both long and short. It means you can trade in both directions. When you expect bitcoin to trade above the current price, you open a long position. Similarly, open a short position when bitcoin is expected to drop.

Another way you can profit off bitcoin is through arbitrage. It is a trading strategy, where you take advantage of the price differences in different markets for the same underlying asset.

Bitcoin’s price is listed differently on different exchanges. You can buy from the exchange that sells bitcoin cheaper. At the same time, you can sell it on the exchange that lists it for a higher price. The profit is the price differences between the two exchanges.

Though the profit amount may be low, you will enjoy stable profits if you do this consistently. Arbitrage is a great strategy for huge profits if you are high on capital.

At the end of the day, trading bitcoin is a matter of skill, perseverance, patience, knowledge, and drive.

Method #3: Mining Bitcoin

Bitcoin Mining-Option Invest

Mining is the process of verifying transactions and adding the blocks containing transactional information into the blockchain. When miners add a block to the blockchain, they are rewarded with a block reward. The block reward is their motivation to mine bitcoins.

Initially, the block reward was 50 BTC after solving a block. In 2012, it was halved to 25 BTC. In 2016, it was further reduced to 12.5 BTC, and the next halving to 6.25 BTC will occur on May 2020.

As you can see, the block reward for mining Bitcoin halves every 4 years. In general, after mining 210,000 blocks, the block reward is halved. Reduced block reward would mean fewer rewards for miners and miners would be discouraged from mining.

You see, mining is done with the help of dedicated mining rigs that solve complex mathematical problems to solve a block of transactions. These mining rigs consume a lot of electricity. Apart from buying the rig, you need to pay for the electricity required to run these mining rigs.

Gone are those days, when you could mine with your laptop or computer. Moreover, the mining difficulty is so high that the computing power from your personal computer would take a lifetime to even mine one bitcoin.

The mining rigs cost hundreds or thousands of dollars if not more, but the main issue is, they are limited in supply. Moreover, the aftermarket price for these mining rigs is absurdly high. Due to their limited supply, they are sold out quickly. Antminer S17 Pro a powerful mining rig sold out within five minutes of its release.

Doing this individually almost seems like a lost cause. Miners group up together to form mining pools where they combine their processing power and effectively mine faster. So if you are looking to mine individually, mining might not be the ideal choice for you.

Electricity cost is a big factor when it comes to bitcoin mining. If you live in a country where the cost of electricity offsets your profit from bitcoin mining, then you have to forget about mining.

In summary, if you live in a country where electricity is cheap or subsidized by the government, you can consider giving mining a shot. Find a strong mining pool and take advantage of the combined hash power.

Method #4: Bitcoin Lending

Bitcoin lending is not a popular method for trading or investing in bitcoin. However,  it serves as a reliable method for earning passive income from bitcoin. As the name suggests, bitcoin lending is the act of lending your stored bitcoin to others on interest.

The lending process is overseen by a lending platform where they earn a commission fee for their service. The borrower pays collateral to the lending platform and takes the loan. He repays the loan along with the interest that is accumulated over the period he holds the bitcoin.

After that, the lender will receive crypto back along with the accumulated interest. These lending platforms are insured that your investment will remain safe.

Bitcoin lending is perfect for long-term investors who just hold on to their bitcoin for a long time. Instead of just letting it sit there, they can earn passive income (interest) instead. It is safe, profitable, and convenient.

Other Methods Of Earning Bitcoin

Other Methods Of Earning Bitcoin-Option Invest

The great thing about bitcoin is its versatility. If you don’t like trading or investing in bitcoin, or mining seems too complicated for you, there are other ways to profit from bitcoin.

These methods are not your conventional ways of earning bitcoin and even the profits are small. However, we will discuss these methods in brief:

• Bitcoin Faucets

These are websites that pay very small amounts of bitcoin in exchange for some tasks such as watching ads or taking surveys. The amount is usually too low to consider it a source of income, but it can be considered as a gateway into crypto and bitcoin world.

• Get Paid In Bitcoin

The online marketplace offers a lot of jobs of a wide variety. Some of these sites prefer to pay the compensation in bitcoin. Many companies pay their employees in bitcoin.

Though this might not seem profitable, as you are only switching your payment method. But remember, bitcoin can rise in value quickly.

• Affiliate Marketing

If you are an affiliate marketer for Amazon or you have your own niche affiliate site, you can also opt for Bitcoin affiliate marketing.  You can market bitcoin wallets, exchange referral links, or anything bitcoin-related product or service.

Your affiliate commission will be paid in bitcoin.

• Develop Bitcoin Apps

If you are a developer that is interested in the blockchain, you could make a career out of bitcoin by becoming a blockchain developer.

The compensation is quite high and attractive and at the same time, you will also be contributing to the blockchain. A win-win for sure.


Finally, in this article, we have seen the different methods of making money with Bitcoin. The reality is, there are countless ways of making money from Bitcoin. It is a profitable investment that should be your main money-making way.

Simply keep accumulating bitcoin when the price is low and hold on it. Expert crypto analysts believe bitcoin is going to head upwards and soar in price. Some even suggest bitcoin will cross the six-figure mark very soon. Time will tell how bitcoin performs but its future looks bright as adoption and recognition increases.

Whatever method you choose to earn money from bitcoin, remember to exercise caution and use proper risk management to keep your investments safe.